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Registered Charity number 1013750

New Wineskins Charitable Trust



We have just had four of our clients completed the program.             we are almost at that time of year again were we need your help!! Christmas is a time were we would like to reach as many people as possible but we need your help! please get in touch if you think you might be able to support us.

Uturn Recovery Project

Since 1999 The U TURN Recovery Project has provided a unique Christian based residential recovery programme for men who have stated a desire to and are equally prepared to maintain a commitment to recover from their addictive behavior and the lifestyle problems created by it. U TURN Recovery Project is a project of New Wine Skins, a Christian Charity (Registration No. 1013750)





Admission to our programme is by an initial discussion with a referral agency followed by an extensive internal assessment interview with the prospective resident.  Residents must have undergone a detox period and be free of drugs and alcohol upon admission. Our focus, at present, is geared towards single homeless men with alcohol, drugs or gambling problems and helping them deal with the relative psychological issues that are a result of their addiction.




We have a 7 Step Programme (part of a 12 Step Programme) that is based on the use of group work and 1:1 Key Work sessions with each resident being allocated a Key Worker.  We also have a second stage house for those residents who have successfully completed the programme where support is given to develop independence and plan resettlement.

Our recovery group meetings, which are compulsory, are led by staff who are experienced in addiction problems.  Our aim during this process is to challenge and support the residents in their recovery.  We also have in place a jointly agreed Support Plan which includes a personal finance management system and additional life skills applications. The Residents are also required to observe and adhere to various requirements set out in our U TURN House Rules.

Residents are expected to complete the recovery programme in 9 to 12 months however the length of stay is determined by the resident’s progress with 2 years being the maximum time allowed.



We offer a good standard of accommodation comprising en suite flats or rooms with shared kitchen and bathroom facilities.  

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Registered Charity number 1013750 New Wineskins Charitable Trust