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Good Bye Letters 

Letters that Clients have written to say Godbye to there past 

Good bye my friends


Drugs & alcohol to I write the time has come to see the light

I wanna learn to do a course

So, I write this letter with no remorse I will no longer lie or no longer cheat for my addiction will be beat

I am now out of that dark hole and it is time for me to succeed my goal I will delete your dealers from my phone and will no longer be on my own

All them times it was just you & me I will meet new people and will be free

If we stay together we will commit crime but we both know it’s a waste of time

Its gets to the point where I can’t stop them I’m backwards & forwards down the shop it might do us for the night

But I can’t go on with this fight I know that you don’t give a heap

But I’m over tried from loss of sleep all those years at each other’s side you took me for a fucking ride there will be times where I will think but I’ll be strong and they will sink so go and find another mug as I am no longer your stinking rug now I have said how I feel this time my friends it is far real so goodbye for ever you fucking nag I’m in a rehab I’ve packed my bag!


Good bye


Goodbye to all the badness that I have carried for a long time, all you have done is hold me back and ruined my life, we first met when I was young and I have been faithful to you but you have been nothing but a nasty hinderance to me. I will not miss all the pain and embarrassment you have caused and all the money that I’ve spent on you I have written off. I never want to hear your name or sell your aroma  ever again, it’s time for you to go and I truly mean it when I say good bye forever, there is no place in my life for you any more



Dear drugs,

I’m splitting up with you, me and you have been together for a long time, I know you have been there for me through all my up’s and down’s in my life but I can’t be with you anymore. You caused me more drama than good. You’ve made my life self-destructible, when I thought you was the answer to my pain, and even the answer to my happiness.

I’ve tried leaving you before but now I’m leaving you for good. I’m a better person without you, even though you fooled me into thinking I was better with you.

I’m not hiding behind a mask any more, I’m taking it off, I wanna be the real me now and live my life


Good bye drugs

And don’t come back 

you were the first friend who comforted me when I was 13, you were a warm blanket that blocked out the cold of reality and I loved it, how could something so comforting and helpful have anything but my best interest at heart, you gave me confidence with women and the ability to talk to total strangers without the feeling my heart was going to explode out of fear.

You were the light in my dark the ying to my yang, disfunction wasn’t even in our proverbial dictionary. All of my relationship involved 3 of us, a woman and you

Then you started to take from me the gifts you gave, the warm blanket started to become cold, your helping grasp on my hand was released and turned into an outreached hand that started to take. The anxiety that you helped me to overcome became part of our relationship,

My self- respect and dignity were robbed by my best friend, yet still I held on to the belief that things would go back to how they were. Doesn’t that happen in all relationship? Bad patches? no you lost me jobs family, relationships but most of all my sanity and self-respect.


Part of me is sorry to be writing this letter as I hoped we could maintain an amicable relationship but I’ve realised this cant happen. Goodbye addiction, don’t respond to this letter 

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Registered Charity number 1013750 New Wineskins Charitable Trust