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New Wineskins Charitable Trust



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Our Uturn Poem 


By Rebecca Moodie & Daniel Stevens 

Sitting alone on this busy street. Desperately craving something to eat, or perhaps a pair of shoes on my feet.

Watching the strangers walk on by, willing not to look me in the eye. My bottle is empty, my throat is dry, I refuse to let them see me cry. 

If only there was somewhere to go, someone to help me, somewhere to call home. I can no longer do this, not on my own.

It was then when I saw it, that glimmer of hope. No longer the urge to skin up and smoke. The help I needed to finally change. Through U-Turn Recovery I was no longer the same. Their Love and Support guided me through & the help and donations of people like you. 

But there is more people out there like me, Who just need help & guidance to be set free. If you could donate something, no matter how small, It could change the lives of us all.

But even if you can’t donate, Please spread the word, & allow their voices to be heard

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Registered Charity number 1013750 New Wineskins Charitable Trust